Surya Kund Yamunotri


03 April 2022

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Surya Kund

Surya Kund is a hot water spring situated at near Yamunotri temple. This thermal spring gets its name from Yamuna river which is considered to be the offspring of Surya or the God as per Hindu mythology. Surya Kund serves as a holy place as it is located in the vicinity of Yamunotri shrine.


Located near the holy shrine of Yamunotri, Surya Kund is a natural hot water spring. It is one of the top attractions in Yamunotri. The temperature of this spring is around 1900 °F. This temperature is quite sufficient to cook food within minutes. The water of this thermal spring is used to make prasad of the main temple. Surya Kund is named after river Yamuna. The prasad offered here is made of potatoes or mixed rice with salt which is tied to a muslin cloth. Then it is dipped into the spring to get boiled and then it is offered to the temple deity.

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